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wax foundation w hookswax foundation no hookssmall cell wax foundation
Wired Foundation with Hooks
Used with Wedge Top Frames
Deep Product Code 122WH
Medium Product Code 134WH
Shallow Product Code 132WH
Wired Foundation NO Hooks
Used with Slotted Top Bar Frames
Deep Product Code 920B
Medium Product Code 624B
Shallow Product Code 523B

Small Cell Wired Foundation
Deep Small Cell with Hooks
Product Code 120-SC

Deep Small Cell with NO Hooks
Product Code 920-SC

plastic wax coated foundation
green drone comb plastic frame and wax coated foundation 
Plastic Wax Coated Foundation
Used with Grooved Top Bar Frames
Deep Product Code 411
Medium Product Code 409
Drone Comb Frames
Product Code 411D
Plastic Frames with Plastic Coated Foundation
Deep Product Code 9-P
Medium Product Code 17-P

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